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Wholesale rags in bulk. Wholesale microfiber cloths and cotton rags by the pound. 50lb Boxes, Pallet, Bale pricing of Wholesale wiping rags..

New 100% cotton shop rags and reclaimed t-shirt rags are packaged in a 25lb or 50lb box or bulk bale. An average weight of a bale of rags is between 800-1200lbs which will fit on one pallet. We ship all wiping rags, cleaning cloths, terry towels and wholesale microfiber cleaning cloths in bulk Coast-to-Coast.

All wholesale pallet orders must be done manually by phone and not on the website so we can determine the bale weight of what is available in our warehouse closest to your location before ordering.

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RagsCo believes in offering quality wholesale shop rags, microfiber cloths, wiping cloths and terry towels in BULK to our customers at great prices. From diaper cloths, rag sheeting, surgical huck towels, jersey t-shirt rags, fleece, flannel and microfiber. We have what you need for all cleaning.

We suggest to purchase around 50lbs of any recycled or reclaimed wholesale rags to get a good idea of the product you are needing and to make sure it fits all your cleaning needs for your industry. For a full list of description of our wholesale products that will help you determine how many rags come in a 50lb box be sure to visit our Industrial Rags section.

RagsCo has vendor warehouse locations in Central and Southern California, Texas, Georgia, Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Wisconsin. Each warehouse has separate wholesale inventory as we do not offer all of our wholesale cotton rags, wholesale terry towels and wholesale microfiber cloths in each warehouse, so please call first before ordering to see if what you are needing in bulk is near your city to keep freight cost down. We do however have recycled all white cotton and very large stock of our most popular cotton, reclaimed colored rags in each location.

Locally located in the North Bay area of Northern California. Fast freight delivery and excellent customer service. Our reputation is bar to none. Local deliveries may be available throughout the USA so just ask.

Our website is easy to navigate so online orders are safe and preferred. Call 866-782-7181 for wholesale quote or to place your order by phone. All major credit cards accepted. We make wholesale re-orders a breeze!

ROSCO Rags is a wholesale rags supplier and distributor of industrial shop rags servicing: Restaurants, Wineries, Hotels, Government Bases, Public Works Departments, Oil Rig Companies, Gyms, Athletic Clubs, Hair Salons, Casinos, Painting and Staining Companies, Janitorial Supply Companies, Marine, Oil Stops, Roofers, Auto Mechanics and several Manufacturing Plants.

Our wholesale rags company can handle any supply of bulk rags for any large spills, clean-ups, or disasters anywhere in the USA. Quotes and free wholesale rag samples welcome!

Wholesale Rags

Wholesale Rags are shown on website in crates just for image reference only and do come shipped in a 25lb or 50lb box. Bale of rags on a pallet can be in boxes or poly-wrapped.

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We do not accept returns so please order carefully.



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